10 Shapewear Styles Guaranteed To Support, Shrink, Or Boost Your Butt

10 Shapewear Styles Guaranteed To Support, Shrink, Or Boost Your Butt

After all, a good bottom can really spice up an outfit. So whether you want to highlight your rump or you’d prefer to tuck it away, we can guarantee there’s a shapewear style out there that perfectly suits.

Here are our ten best shapewear styles that can support, shrink, or boost your booty. 

Seamless Butt Lifter Bodysuit

 If you want a shaper garment that lifts your butt and is practically invisible beneath any outfit, you’ll want this bodysuit. It gives an instant lift and highlights the butt muscles (even if you're just starting to work on those).


The highly elastic fabric is soft and comfortable for full-day wear, and the overlapping gusset makes for easy bathroom visits. The high-waist design ensures that no muffin-top happens whilst the open bust cut allows you to pair this with your favourite bra. 


And in terms of supporting your peach, this piece has got you covered. Mesh panelling combined with targeted compression strategically lifts your rear and smoothen it out, giving you a nice, seamless, bootylicious silhouette. Making this into its own class of shapewear products with super powers and serious extra lift.

Tummy Control & Butt Lifter

 A key layering piece in any wardrobe, this one-piece tummy flattener and booty lifter offers a powerful one-two punch. This is a seamless finish for those days when you need some heavy-duty undergarment sculpting! The Lycra base ensures a discreet fit beneath most any fabric without compromising comfort or breathability. And the adjustable straps work with the power-mesh lining – and the body contour design! – to support your butt, flatten your tummy, and highlight your shapely lower back region.

If you've heard of butt implants - this is the easiest analogue that offers the butt lifts you're tempted by, without all the hustle (and risks).

Butt Hip Enhancer Padded Shaper

Add a little extra oomph! in your lower region with this padded shaper. Shapewear isn’t just about concealing, flattening, or shrinking, after all. Sometimes it’s about emphasizing and adding to the areas where we need a boost of confidence. The butt shape is highlighted effortlessly under any outfit, from a maxi dress to a pair of a bit more demanding pants or a pair of jeans. Similar to how some of us would stuff tissue or socks in our bras in high school (before we discovered the lovely world of foam inserts), this padded hip enhancer adds a little extra meat—to make things a bit juicier. A shapewear piece that awaits to show you what it can deliver, and top off those expectations.  

 Shaper Shorts with Butt Lifter

Who doesn’t want their booty a little higher, tighter, and toned-er? You might already be logging a couple dozen squats a day, but exercise won’t change things overnight. This butt lifter wear, however, can. If you’ve got an important event in 24 hours and a cute outfit that’ll look better with a bit more booty, slip these shaper shorts on and strut your stuff!